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Measure noise and sounds of any kind. The AcousticApp is the ideal sound level meter for detecting the volume level in all areas of life. Whether noise in cities, by airplanes, from cars or in restaurants: the AcousticApp shows the sound pressure differentiated across a wide frequency spectrum. The peak values are displayed continuously, via screenshot snapshots of the sound situation can be stored in your photo roll. Acoustic planners use this tool to gain an impression of the background noise in schools, day-care centers, offices; as well as in clinics, offices, swimming pools and many more places. Try it and simply determine the noise level in your car, office, or even at home!


Calculate the reverberation time in rooms with the AcousticApp and plan the use of suitable absorbers to improve room acoustics. Type the room dimensions by using various parameters and select from a broad portfolio of absorbing products to adjust the reverberation time optimally.
The pro version of the app allows you to insert your own absorbent materials with their particular values. In addition, the evaluation sheet can be personalized.

Become an acoustic planner!


An optimization of the acoustics usually causes an audible reduction of the reverberation and improvees speech intelligibility. Hear the difference at the example of shared offices.

We are exposed to many noises daily. Test your hearing with sounds of 5,000 hertz and 15,000 hertz!

A short tutorial: AcousticApp

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